Welcome Swindon Futsal Club to the Fairtrade Futsal Family

Swindon Futsal Club use Bala Sport Fairtrade balls and bibs

We are excited to welcome newly formed Swindon Futsal Club to the growing band of clubs up and down the country switching to our Fairtrade certified high quality hybrid futsal balls.

The club recently held trials and are set for their first friendly match on 9th December. We wish them all the very best.


Swindon Futsal Club Trails with Fair Trade balls

Here’s some gen on the club from the club…


Swindon Futsal Club

For the players. For the fans. For the community.


Swindon Futsal Club has been established to provide playing opportunities for all those interested in representing their town at futsal with the aim of establishing themselves as part of the FA’s National Futsal League structure.

Swindon has a relatively long history of futsal with arrival of the Futsal Arena in 2008 (now operated by the Play Football organisation) and which provides an existing pool of futsal players that the club can tap into and develop.

Swindon Play Futsal

As the club grows, we have several ideas that we hope will attract local fans to get involved, get behind the team and to provide an exciting match day experience.

The club recognises that it does not exist in isolation and is working on several initiatives to engage with the community on projects that will use the sport to make a positive difference.

One of our values is to use, wherever possible, ethically sourced kit and equipment which is why we are delighted to support Bala Sport by using their Fairtrade balls.

The balls were used for the first time during our recent trials and received a positive response from the players – “great ball”, “excellent quality”, “a thumbs up from me”.

Swindon Futsal Club welcomes anyone with an interest in joining and supporting us on our journey. For more information, contact Chris Ballinger on 07785 350830.

Follow the club on Facebook (@futsalswindon) and Instagram (swindon_futsal).



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