Soweto Stars FC play 1st Intercontinental Match with Bala Sport Balls

When our fiends at AS Velasca in Milan decided to play South African team Soweto Stars FC they were clear that the friendly should be played with Fairtrade balls from Bala Sport, after all, all their home games are played with our balls – so why not an away International? We’re delighted they chose to do this, and that the home team were keen too.

Congratulations to Soweto FC on their win in this historic match. It’s the first time they’ve played against a team from another continent, let’s hope it’s the first of many.

There may not have been an international style stadium, or any stadium in fact but the game drew a good crowd.

The dirt surface was a good test for our Bala Sport Fairtrade Astro ball whi9ch we’re delighted to say stood up well on the abrasive surface.

These superb images were taken by and are courtesy of ST The Darkroom Artist.

Check out the awesome wood veneer commemorative ball below, made by Italian design prototype makersĀ Miocugino.