Resources for Primary School Teachers

On this page you will find  a series of resources aimed at primary schools. These are currently being tested and we will add to these resources over time and would really appreciate any feedback and suggestions from teachers. The resources were designed to fit with the existing schools curriculum and connect to subjects such as maths, geography, global citizenship, health and wellbeing.

The resources centre around the excellent video from the Fairtrade Foundation Schools Team with the aim of encouraging schools and students to raise awareness of Fairtrade sports balls and to purchase balls so that the workers in Pakistan who make them can benefit on an ongoing basis from Fairtrade conditions and the extra 10% Fairtrade Premium Bala Sport contributes.

The resources include a series of Powerpont presentations for class use with supplementary materials for download and print-out,  presentation notes and of course Lesson Plans.


Playing Fair: The Story of Fairtrade Sports Balls    Playing Fair Powerpoint

Resoures Foundation Video Snip for Web     Resources Foundation PP Snip for Web


Fairtrade in Football Lesson                                         Story Book

Resources Fairtrade in Football Snip for Web            Resources Story Book Snip


Get Active Lesson                                                    STEM Lesson

Resources Get Active PP Snip for Web             Resources STEM Powerpoint for Web


Letter Writing Lesson                                          Sponsored Read Plan

Resources Letter Writing Powerpoint for Web       Resources Sponsored Read Snip


Bake Sale Recipes for Sponsorship

Resources Cake Sale Powerpoint for Web


Fairtrade Football Lesson Plan               News Writing Guide

Resources Lesson Plan We Want Fairtrade Balls    Resources News Writing Snip

Letter Writing Slide Guide                 Get Active Slide Guide

Resources Letter Writing SnipResources Get Active Slide Guide Notes Snip for Web

Letter Template.

   Resources Sample Letter Snip