Bala Sport: Official Ball Partner of the Scottish Futsal League


BUY NOW. Futsal is one of the world’s fastest growing sports, and Bala Sport is keen to be at the forefront of the game. We’re delighted to be Official Ball Partner of the Scottish Futsal League. The Bala Sport Match futsal ball has already been tested by the SFL and in fact was developed in collaboration with the League who run the adult side of the sport on behalf of the Scottish Football Association. So where better to get great quality futsal balls, than right here from Bala Sport. All our futsal balls of course are Fairtrade certified.


We offer three Fairtrade futsal balls, a pro quality Match ball, a Scottish Futsal League branded official match ball and  a training ball which comes in size 3 as well as 4.

Futsal Glasgow & Adventure Kicks Teams with Fair Trade futsal ball in Scottish Futsal League

Players and referee show off a Fair Trade futsal ball from Bala Sport in a Scottish Futsal League match (above).


The Bala Sport Fairtrade match ball was unveiled for the first game of the SFL Glasgow 2016/17 season where Adventure Kicks Futsal played Glasgow Futsal.  Here, the two captains and the match referee show off our Fairtrade ball.

Fair Trade futsal match ball developed with Scottish Futsal League

Fair Trade futsal match ball being played with in the Scottish Futsal League. The high quality ball was developed with the League.

Fair Trade match futsal ball used by Scottish Futsal League

Players in the Scottish Futsal League showing off the Fair Trade match futsal ball developed with the League


Futsal is relatively new to Scotland with official league activity starting in 1999 through, what is now, the Scottish Futsal League who run the adult form of the game for the Scottish Football Association.

The Scottish Futsal League is a not-for-profit organisation covering activity across Scotland. Currently, there are leagues in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirlingshire, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen with more to follow.  With over 70 clubs in the Scottish Futsal League, our match balls will be used across the country.

Find out more about futsal in Scotland from the Scottish Futsal League.