Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

25th Feb to 10th March is the time for the UK to put its best foot forward and shout about Fairtrade. This Fairtrade Fortnight the focus from the Fairtrade Foundation is on cocoa and the empowerment of women, two very important areas for campaigning. We’re very much behind the campaign but we’d like to broaden it out a little to include our sports ball workers in India and Pakistan where women play an important part in the production process.

Fairtrade Fortnight 19 Bala Sport Seema

We’re a nation of chocolate lovers and nation of football fans and players, so when you’re thinking of organising an even for Fortnight, bringing in football, rugby and futsal are great ways to compliment the chocolate tastings etc (and work off a bit of that delicious choc!). Grab a couple of Fairtrade balls from our online shop and encourage guests at your events to have a go in a keep-uppy contest, or take part in a 5-a-side footy match or a bit of touch rugby.

Tell your local footy or rugby club or futsal team, or your local sports centre, even local businesses about Fairtrade balls, and why not sketch out a design for them on our downloadable template to get them excited about the idea. These basic templates can be cut out and stuck together for fun photo sharing too.

Fairtrade Fortnight Bala Sport Women Workers

Check out our other ideas for spreading the word about Fairtrade balls, and use our special “She Deserves” Powerpoint presentation at your meetings and events.

The Fairtrade Foundation resources and information for Fortnight can be found on their website here.

Remember to share your photos and events and tag us in your social media posts. Have a great Fairtrade Fortnight!


Generic Resources

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