Fairtrade At Tenby AFC Soccer School by Sharron Hardwick

Local youngsters took part in the popular Tenby AFC Soccer School during the Easter break, but this time things were a little different, as Sharron Hardwick, Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder, was invited to visit.

Organised by Angie Nicholls, the popular soccer schools have been running successfully for more than ten years. They offer fun training sessions for youngsters, whilst raising funds for Tenby AFC.
The sessions followed their usual format of warm ups, followed by skills training, with some competitive matches. Activities were led by Angie Nicholls, with Tenby AFC club members who are either FA qualified adult coaches, or former pupils of the soccer school, gaining work experience.
The soccer schools offer an amazing facility for the local community, helping keep the pupils fit and active whilst improving their football skills, but this class had a new element, Fairtrade.

“I read about the Tenby AFC Soccer Schools in the Tenby Observer and gave Angie a call to see if they would be interested in using Fairtrade footballs. Angie was very keen and invited me along to the class.” shared Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder, Sharron.

Sharron visits schools and football clubs locally and in Staffordshire, including Premier League Stoke City FC and League 2 Port Vale’s Community Trusts, to promote the use of Fairtrade sports balls.

The Campaign, thanks to Fair Trade Wales Community Grants, donated 5 size 4 Fairtrade footballs to the Tenby AFC Soccer School, during the visit.

“We provide activities to help support our local community and football club. When Sharron contacted me I was interested to find out more. I would like to use Fairtrade footballs as this helps support the football stitchers and their families in the Sialkot stitching communities too.” Shared Angie.

Unfortunately Fairtrade sports balls are not yet available in local shops, and this is something supporters of the campaign would like to see changed. Some local schools have written letters asking sports shops to start stocking Fairtrade footballs. Fairtrade footballs can be bought via a new Co-Operative style organisation, Bala Sport, or by contacting Sharron Hardwick via the Fair Trade In Football Campaign Website.

“I appreciate the support of Tenby AFC Soccer Schools. I hope we can work together and raise some funds to buy more Fairtrade footballs. Every time we purchase a Fairtrade item it helps improve workers’ lives. Our choices ensure people get fair wages, without forced or child labor, with safe working conditions, whilst looking after the environment and improving communities through the Fairtrade Premiums. Together we can make a difference” said Sharron. Tenby AFC Soccer Schools run every school holidays, for 5-11 year olds. The cost is £10 per day.

For information call Angie: 07760474502.
For more information about Fairtrade and Footballs please visit www.fairtradeinfootball.com