European Street Football Festival – Played Fair with Bala Balls

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to the European Street Football Festival in Manchester, organised by our mates at the Street Football Association and Centrepoint. Bala Sport popped down for the final day of the 4 days event, the culmination of which was the final of the two day futsal tournament.
European Street Football Festival in Manchester Nov 2016 - played with Bala Sport Fairtrade futsal balls.

The event was made possible thanks to EU Erasmus Plus and was good to catch up with our friends from the Homeless World Cup too. It was a result of the HWC that the Street Soccer Association decided to switch to Fairtrade balls.

Unlike the Homeless World Cup, played on an artificial grass surface using size 5 balls, the SFA decided to use a special Fairtrade futsal ball for their teams, and for the European Street Football



One hundred players from 10 countries took part in the event held at the Victoria Warehouse in the shadow of the mighty Old Trafford.



The players, referees and organisers all seemed to love the Bala Fairtrade futsal balls. As well as thinking they looked like Pokémon balls, the low bounce and smaller (size 4) size proved a hit and it was a real delight for us to see this tournament being played Fairly with our balls.



European Street Football Festival Winning emotion Played with Bala Sport Fairtrade Balls

OK, enough words, enjoy the rest of the pics below and get a flavour of the passion, determination and pleasure players get from being part of an event like this.

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European Street Football Festival Audience with Bala Sport Fairtrade Balls


dsc_0153-1dsc_0327 dsc_0336 dsc_0342 dsc_0343European Street Football Festival Ref with Bala Sport Fairtrade Futsal Ball