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Fairtrade At Tenby AFC Soccer School by Sharron Hardwick

Local youngsters took part in the popular Tenby AFC Soccer School during the Easter break, but this time things were a little different, as Sharron Hardwick, Fair Trade In Football Campaign Founder, was invited to visit. Organised by Angie...

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The Bala Sport Community Share Offer Launch at Hampden

In a bid to make a bigger impact on Fairtrade sports ball production Bala Sport is hoping to raise up to £150,000 to promote production at Fairtrade certified factories in Pakistan. Based in Glasgow, the community benefit sociiety was...

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Bala Sport Fairtrade Fortnight Neil Bibby MSP

Have you got the balls to play Fair this Fairtrade Fortnight?

This year Fairtrade Fortnight is all about celebrating the power of everyday choices and telling the other side of the story – the producer’s stories. The Fairtrade Foundation is focusing on three commodities: cocoa, tea and sugar. This is...

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Talking balls in Pakistan – Bala Sport factory visit

Around 70% of the worlds hand stitched sports balls are made in just one city in Pakistan – Sialkot. All of the big global brands manufacture there, even the Brasil 2014 World Cup official ball was made there. The...

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