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Bala Sport Fair Trade Football in Houses of Parliament

Order in the House: Rebel MPs Fairtrade Kick-about

SPOT THE BALA SPORT FAIRTRADE BALL IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS It’s usually Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn sparring across the chamber in the House of Commons and their party members being kept in check by the Speaker of...

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Glasgow Alphas Play Village Spartans with Fairtrade Bala Sport All

Inclusive Rugby: Meet the Glasgow Alphas

At Bala Sport, for us sport isn’t just about winning and competitiveness, or big bucks sponsorship deals and off the scale pay rates for players. Yes we like a bit of competition of course, but for us it’s more...

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Swindon Futsal Club use Bala Sport Fairtrade balls and bibs

Welcome Swindon Futsal Club to the Fairtrade Futsal Family

We are excited to welcome newly formed Swindon Futsal Club to the growing band of clubs up and down the country switching to our Fairtrade certified high quality hybrid futsal balls. The club recently held trials and are set...

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Lancing FC Ladies Commit to Fairtrade Balls

We love to support the women’s game in football and it’s always great when a team commits to playing with Fairtrade balls. The latest club to sign up is the newly formed West Sussex based Lancing Ladies FC, and...

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Pitstops Project: Playing Fair & Changing Lives Through Rugby

  You might have heard of the School of Hard Knocks, well there’s a similar project in Glasgow run by the city’s ng homes in association with SoHK called the Pitstops Project. Both these projects help women and men...

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Norman Habri juggles 5 Fairtrade Bala Sport Balls

Introducing Record Breaking Bala Sport Ambassador Norman Habri

Image: Norman Habri juggles 5 Bala Sport Fairtrade footballs   Congratulations Norman Habri! Back in June our France based Bala Sport Fairtrade Sports Ball Ambassador, Norman Habri attempted to break his previous Guinness World Record attempt for keep-uppy with...

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And we think it’s been hot here

Bala Sport was set-up specifically to ensure that sports ball workers in developing countries get a fair deal. So, with the workers in India where our rugby balls are made and in Pakistan where our futsal balls are made...

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Changing Lives in Tanzania

Every now and then we like to feature people who we feel share our vision for a better world and for changing the game when it comes to sports balls. We were delighted to hear from Alan Cram,  who’s...

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Cut & Thrust Football Debate for Fairtrade Fortnight (Glasgow event)

  The purpose of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight campaign is to invite new people to come on in to Fairtrade – so that’s what we’re doing. This is not the usual Fairtrade event! It’s aimed at footy fans first...

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Farewell 2017, You’ve Been a Good Year for Bala Sport

On Hogmanay (as we say in Scotland) New Year’s Eve is a great time to reflect on the past year – and what a great one it was for Bala Sport and for Fairtrade sports balls. Here’s some of...

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