Sneak Preview of Our New Fairtrade Volley Balls and Netballs

At Bala Sport we don’t just pick products off the shelf from the factory, we have them hand made from our own specification and designs. Through talking to players and coaches and other professionals we decide on the spec required for our balls then have samples made to be tested here in the UK by clubs and individuals. Our brand new volley balls and netballs are being tested just now and once they’ve been given the thumbs up, or if changes need to be made and we’re all happy the balls are good, we will go into production.  Here’s a sneak preview of how they will look (subject to change).

Insta Sample Group 1

The Bala Bilquis Netball

We’re thinking of calling each of these new balls after the men and women who make our balls at our factories and hand-stitching centres in Sialkot, Pakistan.



Insta sample group 2

The Bala Ismat Fairtrade Netball (above)

Insta sample group 4

The Bala Perveen Fairtrade netball (above).

And here’s the range of 3 new Fairtrade netballs.

Insta sample group 3

The Bala Ismat Fairtrade Netball (above)

Insta sample group 5

The Bala Fairtrade Perveen netball (above)

Insta sample group 6

The Bala Bilquis Fairtrade netball (above)

Once signed off these balls will hopefully available for purchase in time for Christmas.