Fairtrade Rugby ball
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The Bala Pro Competition Rugby Ball

This ball means business! It’s our top quality hand-stitched match rugby ball that stands proudly alongside the game’s more well known balls. The Bala Sport Pro however has the added attraction of its Fairtrade credentials. Made in India from a mix of superior grade natural and synthetic rubber backed by 4 layers of the finest quality PC fabric. The specially designed latex bladder incorporates a special Inseam valve (on the seam) for optimum trajectory, control and targeted kicking performance. Sticthed with nylon thread the ball has a special Multi Emboss multi-height dimple pattern for optimum grip. All materials including the bladder are sourced from within India. Available in size 5 only. Official weight: 440-460g. Dimensions 75.5 x 58.5cms.

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