Share offer

The Bala Sport Community Share Offer has now closed.

Our minimum target amount was set at £50,000 and our maximum was £150,000. We are delighted to report that in just 5 months, 111 investors raised £100,500.

We would like to thank each of the 111 new members who invested between £50 - £20,000. Regardless of the amount invested each person or organisation (there are two schools amongst the investors) will each have one vote at our community benefit society AGM.

Share certificates and rewards are currently being processed. Those who invested via the Microgenius platform will be eligible for the same awards offered to those who invested on Crowd Funder.

In case you missed it here's our Crowd Funder share offer video.

Here's a longer clip of FC United of Manchester's Andy Walsh talking about Bala Sport. FC United is also a community benefit society and raised around £3m to build it's stadium. Bala Pro match balls were used in the FC United v Benfica game on 29th May.

Governing Rules document.